Toddler benefits from first local cochlear surgery


Janelle Prescott (second left) holding her daughter J’dae Prescott-Griffith while Dr Daniel Coelho interacts with her. J’dae’s father Damian Griffith is at left. (Picture by Lisa King.)


A NEW PARTNERSHIP formed between the Sandy Lane Charitable Trust (SLCT), the World Paediatric Project and the Queen Elizabeth Hospital saw two-year-old J’dae Prescott-Griffith have cochlear implant surgery on Monday.

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The surgery performed by Dr Daniel Coelho, medical director of Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine Cochlear Implant Programme was the first ever such ear operation performed in Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean.

This morning at a press conference at the Sandy Lane Country Club, St James Trustee of the SLCT Phillipa Challis made the announcement which is a part of a Healthy Hearing Programme for Barbados.

In addition to making the implants available locally, the SLCT has also started a Sandy Lane Trust Hearing Aid Bank where they have provided 60 new Phonak hearing aids to assist those children who are still waiting for government issued hearing aids. (LK)

Toddler benefits from first local cochlear surgery

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