Will Nyle DiMarco & Ginger Zee Go to 'Dancing With the Stars' Finale?

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Who will make it to the 2016 Dancing With the Stars finale this season? Throughout the season, Ginger Zee and Nyle DiMarco have captured the hearts of the judges and won over many of the viewers. In turn, they have continued to sail to the top of the leader board. Though each of them have had a couple missteps on the show, they have overcome the obstacles they have faced.

The top 5 contestants left on the show include DiMarco, Zee, Wanya Morris, Paige VanZant and Antonio Brown. Currently, Morris and Brown are at the bottom of the score board and Paige VanZant isn’t far behind, but the voters can always surprise us.

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Some viewers have voiced that they feel Ginger Zee has gotten a free pass this season because of her affiliation with the network. Zee is a meteorologist for Good Morning America, which also airs on ABC, and viewers wonder if the network has been keeping her on the show for their own benefit. Do you think this is a possibility?

As for what’s in store tonight for Nyle DiMarco, he’s taking a giant risk. Last week, he performed in silence for one part of his routine to give viewers a look inside his life of not being able to hear the music. Tonight, DiMarco goes blind, telling People:

I’m going to be blindfolded, which means that I’m going to be getting rid of another sense, which just leaves me with three senses. It’s definitely going to be difficult but Peta and I have worked so hard to make sure it will be perfect.

Being both deaf and blind on the dance floor could either shoot DiMarco into the finale or it could end his reign as America’s favorite. Will Nyle DiMarco be able to pull it off?

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