High school dancer inspires deaf community


A Ray High School student proves that despite having a disability, you can follow your dreams. 

19-year-old, Angel Garcia really knows how to bust a move. 

Garcia was born completely deaf in one ear and is slowly losing his hearing in the other. 

“Now that I am loosing my hearing a little bit more, I want to listen to music a lot more, and continue on with my signing and dancing with it, because I like music,” said Garcia. 

Garcia learned how to dance by watching Michael Jackson perform on stage to Billie Jean at the age of 10. 

At a recent talent show, he proved that despite not having all of his senses, he could dance too. 

“Some people don’t believe that I can do, what I can do, I am deaf, and I wanted to show my talents, and make them think wrong, and like wow, that was really good.” said Garcia. 

The recent graduate, admits it’s been a long journey because at first he did not think he could hear. 

“I used to be a mute, I did not speak at all, speech classes helped me improved my speech, and I caught my voice, it was really terrible at the time,” said Garcia. 

However, music has created a window into a different world for him. 

He hopes his love for music will help others in the deaf community. 

“This makes me feel good inside that I am helping the deaf community, and people learn what it feels like to be part of the deaf culture, and signing, and dancing, it’s just very, such a good feeling,” said Garcia. 

You can follow Garcia on YouTube under Tacolover594

High school dancer inspires deaf community

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