Toddler's hearing devices returned after burglary

INDIANAPOLIS, IN (WTHR/NBC) – A young boy can hear once again, thanks to a change of heart by the thieves who stole his cochlear implants.

Sora Coates arrived at the audiologist for the big moment Wednesday morning.

Sora is deaf and autistic. Dr. Lindsey Shine, audiologist with Hear Indiana, fitted him with a second cochlear implant a few weeks ago. But that same day after his appointment, his world went quiet again.

Thieves broke into his mom’s car that night and took the equipment essential to helping him hear – $10,000 worth of parts.

“My heart is broken for him,” his mom, Laura Coates, said.

She got a knock at the door Monday. The thieves apparently had a crisis of conscience and, through friends, returned the parts for the implant for his left ear.

“It was a couple girls I didn’t know. They said, ‘We have something for you,’ put this big old trash bag in front of me and they just looked at me and smiled. They said, ‘It’s everything.’ I just stood there in shock,” Coates explained. “They said they knew somebody that knew somebody that had it. Through the grapevine, they heard somebody brag about taking it.”

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Toddler’s hearing devices returned after burglary

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