WVSDB celebrates 14 graduates

ROMNEY — The West Virginia Schools for the Deaf and the Blind celebrated graduation with 14 seniors last week in the crowd-filled Multipurpose Room of the Secondary School for the Deaf.  

Family and friends gathered to see Anastacia LaShay Barnhart, Patrick Lee Epperly, Kassidy Brooke Kimble, Katrina Renee Kimble, Kenneth Michael McGary, Jordan Gilbert Simmons, Sammy Dwayne Steele, Kayle Dawn Edwards, Logan Roosevelt Gray, Katelyn Geraldine Rose, and Jesse O’bryan Snyder graduate from the School for the Deaf. Zachary Jacob Harding, Adam Carl Weissman, and Anthony Michael Heater (who was unable to attend) graduated from the Multi-Sensory Program.

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WVSDB celebrates 14 graduates

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