Hello Everyone!

I’d like to introduce myself, my name is Mary Therese Garcia, Board Secretary and Board Event Chairperson.

Have you seen the first vlog for Tropical Party? I’d like to add some more information!

This event is very family friendly!

I want to remind you that after Saturday, July 16th the price will increase to $20 for adults/senior citizens/students until day of the event. We accept cash only at the door on the day of event.

There are two payment options:

Pay online with PayPal at this address: www.dcara.org/tropical

Or if you prefer to pay in person, stop by Deaf Community Center and look for the DCC Manager, Joey Moss. Or, if you know me, you can see me for tickets.

We are selling beer and wine, and giving out free Drakes Brewery cup!

We will have Tropical dress up contest for couples and kids!

Raffle tickets for prizes!

Come and join us to celebrate DCARA’s new Executive Director, Raymond Rodgers!

Need more information or have any questions? Contact me at MaryTherese@dcara.org

I look forward to meeting you there!

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