In a recent Facebook post on, We The Deaf People, about five hours ago, in which, The Committee for David Reynolds filed a formal complaint against NAD’s CEO Howard Rosenblum. The letter is directed to the Election Committee (Pamela Lloyd-Ogoke, Dr. T. Alan Hurwitz and Gerald “Jerry” Nelson). The letter expresses David Reynolds how Howard expresses his “dissatisfaction” with Mr. Reynolds work and how Howard has been “too busy” to address the issues brought up by Mr. Reynolds.

Howard mentions that he will “resign as CEO” if Mr. Reynolds becomes the President of NAD. During this time, NAD President Chris Wagner has been present during majority of this discussion/conversation with Mr. Reynolds. The letter then goes on how Howard Rosenblum is breaking NAD bylaws by attempting to sway delegates’ votes in the election for President.

According to the NAD bylaws, Article IV, paragraph 16, it states:
“…the Chief Executive Officer shall report to the President of the Association.” If the CEO attempts to sway delegates’ votes in the election for President, it is a grave violation of the spirit of the bylaws and therefore also Robert’s Rules. That means Howard, as CEO, should put his own plans aside and allow the delegates to decide without interference on his part. The CEO should not have any say in the elections for board members.

He also writes that one of the election committee has already inferred with a conflict of interest issue that Jerry Nelson wife, Nancy Bloch, has “actively campaigned [against his competitor] by contacting the delegates through email. Mr. Reynolds is demanding that Jerry Nelson should resign from his position due to this conflict of interest.

Mr. Reynold is asking that Howard be reprimanded for this unethical conduct and be required to not discuss or be involved in any election matters. Mr Reynold writes,

For the reasons stated above, Howard should be reprimanded for his unethical conduct and he should refrain from discussing any election matters. Likewise, I expect a public apology from him (with a copy sent to all delegates) and I expect him to get up on stage during COR to give a public apology for being disrespectful, unprofessional, and downright politically sleazy in his behavior, and tell delegates that as CEO he is committed to working with whomever is elected.

With #NAD2016 underway, are delegates going to show CEO Howard Rosenblum and President Chris Wagner the door?

For more information on the Candidates.

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