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It’s NorCal’s Monthly News for July! Transcript is below. Learn more about the Redding Deaf BBQ www.norcalcenter.org/event/reddingbbq/ Help out Deaf Services with Amazon Smile www.smile.amazon.com/ch/94-2523562

This is NorCal’s monthly news.
It’s July 2016.
What’s up?
We are halfway through the year!
The first week of July,
we had our annual fireworks booth.
Thank you to everyone that came
to support our fundraiser.
Money raised went towards
NorCal’s many Deaf services programs.
We have some news about
the NAD 2016 Conference.
That was in Phoenix, AZ on July 8.
Do you know the Frederick C. Schreiber –
Distinguished Service Award?
Frederick C. Schreiber was know for
his powerful and creative leadership.
He was the first Executive Director
of the National Association of the Deaf
serving from 1969 to 1979.
He was actively involved in national
Deaf politics.
This award recognizes
an individual who has contributed
to the well-being of Deaf
and hard of hearing people in the US.
This award went to NorCal’s CEO
Sheri A. Farinha
at the NAD 2016 conference.
The award was given for many things –
Sheri’s civil rights advocacy includes:
Fighting for direct access
to emergency 911 services.
She filed a complaint with the
US Department of Justice
in 1992 that led to
California upgrading its 911 system
to accept TTY calls.
She founded the National E911
Stakeholder Council.
Most recently she participated in the
Emergency Alert Advisory Committee
under the FCC
that pushed for Text-to-911.
Do you remember
‪#‎VRSinteroperabilityNOW‬ campaign?
Sheri started that!
For fair and equal access
to telecommunications.
She was very vocal
on quality and availability for everyone.
Sheri has improved
the quality of Deaf education
Starting in 1986 she led the
Deaf Education Coalition in CA,
the first Deaf Child’s Bill of Rights
in the country,
coordinated the national LRE protest
as the chair of NAD’s Education Section.
She chaired the California Dept. of Education
advisory talk force that produced
“Communication Access and
Quality Education for Deaf
and Hard of Hearing Children”
Her current project is the LEAD-K campaign
to end language deprivation
in Deaf babies.
All of us at NorCal are very proud
of Sheri’s extraordinary service
and leadership to the Deaf
and Hard of Hearing community.
July 23rd it’s the Redding Deaf BBQ!
From 11am to 4pm.
At Whiskeytown Lake
in the Brandy Creek picnic area.
Parking is $5
BBQ is provided,
please bring your own side dishes
and drinks.
Thank you to the WHADT Club
of Shasta College.
Learn more:
Do you know about Amazon Smile?
If you are buying something from Amazon
at any time you can go to this link
Then click “start shopping”
You can shop like you normally do
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You can buy stuff and feel good
knowing you are helping
support programs like Camp Grizzly.
We are excited to tell you
Camp Grizzly starts July 31st!
See you next month!

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