DTV News did something unexpected last night. It offered one of the first ever coverage via the Internet of ASL Interpreted services for people who are deaf/hard of hearing and it was awesome. Using Facebook, fans were able to watch the debate with closed caption and with ASL certified interpreters to interpret the role of the moderator, future Presidential nominees Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

This is heaven for those who are deaf/hard of hearing who prefer the speed of ASL over closed captioning, since closed captioning usually has more of a delayed response. It was also awesome to see so many compatriots involved in the debates by liking, hearting, laughing, wowing, crying and/or just getting mad at what the candidates were saying during the debate. Also, they were getting involved by leaving comments on Facebook and also sharing with each other such comments. They were also sharing this awesome, new way to accommodate those who wanted to watch the debate in their own language, ASL.

Well done, DTV News and congratulations in pioneering a new way for deaf/hard of hearing people to be more involved, inclusive and part of the political process of the United States Presidential Debate of 2016!


Feel free to check out the comments and/or watch the video again!

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