A father and daughter has teamed together to put their favorite ASL rendition of their favorite songs on YouTube. And they look like they’re having tons of fun together as well as sharing their ASL skills to the world. They have been doing YouTube videos for the last three years. They started with their first video on January 6th, 2013 when they did their own rendition of “I Wanna Rock” by Twisted Sister. And now three years later, they are still at it.

It’s amazing that they wanted to share their experiences with the public on YouTube. You can see that they have a pretty dynamic father and daughter relationship. If you watch some of their videos, you can see that they work out who is signing what part of the song. It’s obvious that the daughter is the star of their production and her signs are fluid, engaging, and facial expression shows how much she’s into each of the songs that she sign/signs with her father.

Over the years they have done more than 40 songs together. It’s pretty awesome. All we know right now is that the channel is hosted by the father, Mike Hubbard. (We believe the father is deaf/hard of hearing and his daughter is hearing). We are wondering why they decided to take this journey together via YouTube and we reached out to them. However, we are having a hard time contacting them since their information is not available via YouTube and if you know who they are or know how we can contact them for an interview, please let us know via our FB page, Twitter, or email us at silentgrapevine@gmail.com.

Check out these other videos that they have done as well and feel free to subscribe to their YouTube channel!



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