International Studies major Michaela Hanley, ’16, interned at LAVOSI, a school for the Deaf in Guatemala during the summer of 2015 through an internship with the International Deaf Partnerships, a U.S.-based nonprofit organization. While there, Michaela collaborated with the U.S. Peace Corps in Guatemala to set up their first deaf program. As a result, the program received its first two Peace Corps volunteers in July 2016, Gallaudet alumna Brenda Aron, ’78, and Len Aron. Watch the interview with Michaela, the two Peace Corps volunteers, and Dr. Barbara White, President of International Deaf Partnerships.

Videographers: Michaela Hanley, Kindsey Young
Video Editors: Kindsey Young
Audio Technician: Kindsey Young
Voiceovers: Robyn Weintraub (for Michaela Hanley), Amanda Mueller (for Barbara White), Jamie Yost (for Brenda Aron), Matt Harchick (for Len Aron)

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