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The NAD wants you to join one of the NAD’s committees! Apply online at: https://nad.org/news/2016/9/looking-committee-members

Video description and transcript: NAD Vice President Joshua Beckman is in front of an off-white wall. A small white NAD logo appears on bottom right corner.

JOSHUA: Are you ready for change? I know I am. My name is Joshua Beckman and I am the Vice President of the National Association of the Deaf (NAD). We are looking for people interested in serving on the NAD committees, specifically for individuals who are seeking changes in the deaf and hard of hearing community. We are looking for individuals with great energy, motivation, ready for change, and believe in the best interest for the deaf and hard of hearing community. To express your interest to join a committee, I will explain the three simple steps and the process. First, you will need to fill out the online form, which will ask who you are and your contact information. Second, you will be able to review the list of NAD committees. The list includes a description and expectations of these committees. You can apply for up to two different committees. If you are curious to see what the committees are, they will be listed in this video shortly.

NAD Standing Committee
— Provide expertise and recommendations in NAD governance, including SAAC, bylaws, policy and Council of Representatives
— provide expertise and recommendations in outreach, including communication, marketing, membership drive and fundraising projects

NAD Strategy Team
— Provide recommendations; implement strategy plans and diversity training in all NAD functions
— Provide recommendations in deaf youth activities with the goal of increasing deaf and hard of hearing participation in the NAD

NAD Task force

Certified Deaf Interpreter — Provide expertise and recommendations in Deaf Interpreters,

Interpreter Referral Agency Certification — Provide expertise and recommendations in interpreter agency based on rating system

Employment — Provide expertise and recommendations inform environment, ensure have private, government job opportunities

Public Services — Provide expertise and recommendations in Public Services, including Police, Firefighters, EMTs

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JOSHUA: Now that you’ve seen the list of committees, hopefully you have identified which committee(s) you want to join. For the third part of the application process, we need you to answer three questions.
– First, identify and explain your qualifications for the committee you are applying for.
– Second, if you are chosen to serve on the committee, how will you contribute to the committee, what your vision is, and why you feel that the committee fits you best.
– Third, explain your experience with local, state, national, and/or international organizations/community, and your expertise in the committee.
You can choose between two different methods to answer; either you create a video, up to one minute per question, or you write up to 200 words per question. Once we receive your application, we will review it before we contact you. We look forward for your contribution and dedication for change in the deaf and hard of hearing community!

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