Michael Hubbard with walking with his three daughters.
Michael Hubbard with his three daughters.

A week and half ago, we posted a video of a father and his daughter signing their own ASL rendition of One Call Away by Charile Puth. We were able to reach out to them and get in touch to find out more information about why Michael Hubbard and his daughters decided to start doing ASL videos together. Mr Hubbard has been a member since YouTube since 2009; about four years after YouTube was founded in 2005. During that time, he decided to post many short ASL videos that he shared with others about humorous stories that he experienced or learned about.

Three years later, he decided that most of the content that he posted were boring and he felt he needed to find another passion via YouTube. During this time, he loved watching videos by DCRJReloaded (started 2008 on YouTube and now has over 14,000 subscribers and over 24 millions views) and came up with an idea of doing music videos via ASL. Mr. Hubbard did several music videos in ASL, however, he felt that those videos were lame.

Thus, born the idea of getting his daughters involved in his ASL music videos via YouTube, and he writes, “After few takes, I started to notice that having my daughters in the videos made it more fun, cool, interesting, and uplifting. That was when one of the first videos, “I Wanna Rock” was born, back in Jan 2013. We’ve been enjoying making videos together ever since. I’ve posted about 70 videos on YouTube so far”.

We asked Mr. Hubbard how he and his daughters pick the songs for future and/or upcoming ASL music videos and he said that they each pick out any song they want to do first. It can be anything from what’s playing on the radio, YouTube, their iPods, television…just really anything that catches their attention.

They would discuss and figure out which song that they wanted to do together even songs that the younger daughters never heard of in the first place and were willing to learn and perform the songs for their father. Some songs that they picked they might of liked, but due to the difficulty of the song/lyrics, they would decide not to go with that specific song. Once a song is chosen, as a family, they always discuss who will perform, what they will be signing and practice together before they record themselves and post their ASL music video renditions. For them, it takes about one to five different takes until they’re satisfied with the production of the video.

Sarah, Faith and Sophie with their father.

Mr. Hubbard is deaf, however, you should be aware that he has three daughters who are all hearing, Sarah, Faith, and Sophie. When it comes to developing a ASL music video rendition, there’s no limit on how many videos they will do. Sometimes they do a video once a week, sometimes they do biweekly, and/or once a month, but they all have to be in the mood to make the video. (Talk about negotiating!)

Mr. Hubbard is a movie buff and loves to listen to variety of music from rock to metal to alternative to even rap. He also loves to take his three daughters out, taking them to fun events and hanging out together as a family. Sarah and Faith loves signing songs with their father and when we asked them why, they said that they find signing “fun” and “cool” to learn and share with others.

Lastly, we asked Mr. Hubbard and his daughters what their favorite video/songs that they enjoy doing together and Mr. Hubbard prefer the “I Wanna Rock” song with Sarah because he still remembers that day like yesterday and it was alot of fun to make. Sarah said that there’s too much videos that she liked and couldn’t pick out which video was her favorite. Fath said that her favorite video were “Compass” and “Shut Up and Dance”! Sophie is the youngest and she’s only done one video, “Stand By Me”.

Mr Hubbard and his daughters plan on doing more ASL music videos renditions as long as he and his daughters enjoy making them as long they’re available to make them as well! Yes, school is keeping them busy!


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Thomsen Young

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