Jasmine Garcia-Freeland of All That Jazz shares her thoughts about how Deaf celebrities are like fireflies. She gets the chance to interview Deaf model/star, Nyle DiMarco, and asks him about his experience on the show.

[Video Description: Video opens up- showing Jasmine Garcia-Freeland, a Deaf Puerto Rican woman with medium-dark skin, dark brown eyes, and brown ombre shoulder length hair, is seated outside. She is wearing a bright pinkish-red fitting blouse and a silver necklace of some design. She also wears a tiny diamond on her nose, a bracelet, and a silver ring on her finger. Behind her is a light cedar fence with a chicken-wire screen in the middle, revealing a stream in a forest. She is smiling warmly and begins her introduction in ASL. As she continues to sign, her facial expressions matches her thoughts and emotions about the topic she talks about.]

Interview Transcript:

Nyle: Thank you, Jasmine, for having me.

Jasmine: Hello Nyle! First of all, Congratulations on making it to the top 22! Will you also make it top 14?

Nyle: I am hoping to make it to top 14. We shall see.

Jasmine: I am very certain that you were overwhelmed with a lot of support from the both world. What was the positive outcome of first show premiere party at Red Rock in Washington, DC?

Nyle: Wow. I remembered the first day when I spoke with the manager of the restaurant at Red Rocks. We were discussing about the number of people we predicted would attend to the event. I thought maybe between 50-75 people would show up. But it turned out it was over 250 people came and I was truly inspired!

Jasmine: I am pretty certain that many people are wondering about this. When did you started shooting for America Next Top Model and how long did you have to wait until it was released?

Nyle: ANTM started shooting approximately 2 months starting last March to May. Yeah, I had to wait almost 3 months since May for this show to finally release.

Jasmine: Did you have to sign a contract to keep it confidential?

Nyle: Yes. I had to sign the confidentiality contract and agreed not to share anything related to the show. I am only allowed to share weekly episodes after they air.

Jasmine: Wow. You had to wait three months to finally share with the public. I am sure it is a difficult position to be in. Now, your name has been released all over the world now. How do you handle keeping up with social media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, emails, and more?

Nyle: It is absolutely different than how I handled it before the TV show. I had to spend a lot more time on social media. As for Instagram account its mainly focused on business related such as posting modeling photos as much as I could. As for emails, many different ways of receiving emails either through regular emails, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many more. I tried my best to answer as much as I could. Yes, it is time is consuming. I want to make an influence on this world, and it is through social media especially Twitter and Facebook that I can do that. This is my goal right now.

Read the rest of the interview on http://www.jasminegfreeland.com/

Video edited by two Deaf filmmakers and dear friends of mine, Andrés Otalora and Summer Crider Loeffler (SummaLove Films).

Our Deaf model/actor star Nyle DiMarco is expecting to do his third show on American Next Top Model (ANTM) tonight and every Wednesday on CW channel at http://www.cwtv.com. Watch and support our Deaf fireflies!
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