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Image description: Eric Epstein, a white young man with shaved hair, wearing a gray T-shirt. The background is blue. He is signing “STORY.”

Transcript: [Eric, a white man, is standing in front of a blue background] The poem “Blue Girl” features a story about leaves flying through a city to a boat where the cut-down tree is. The leaves reunite with the tree before the ship reaches a paper mill. All the leaves come together with the trunk as one tree to die with their mother by incineration. That storyline is repeatedly interrupted as the person moves mental attention on the blue girl and the blue world, both of which are not true. The blue girl’s heart is closed and she pushes people away with the sun in one hand and the moon in the other, which move in circles as the blue girl rules the blue world. The blue girl carries a pile of hearts she has broken. Her name is a sharp knife that can kill. Later on, the person realizes the blue girl has masculine and feminine sides. Nevertheless, the person still loves and such love leads to the realization that the blue world is just a dream. What is important for the person is to be here now.

Major disclaimer: This video is a work in progress.

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