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Image description: Eric Epstein, a white young man with shaved hair, wearing a gray T-shirt. The background is blue. He is signing “CRASH.”

Transcript: [Eric, a white man, is standing in front of a blue background] The poem “Reaching Out” has three parts: the struggle to trust, the struggle to reach for you, and the struggle to find love. Trust looks like a weightlifting bar that is lifted internally in order to express feelings, which is hard to do. In trying to reach out, the person sends out thoughts that line up in a monkey bar. The person climbs through ideas only to fail on holding your hand. The reason is that the person clung too much on the mind that it snapped. Falling down, the person pulls the rope of reason, which unravels completely with the mind. The crash leads to the struggle of finding love. Every crash leads to a lower place that is lined up like a filing cabinet. Drawer after drawer, the person cannot find love.

Major disclaimer: This video is a work in progress.

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