Pictures of Stacey Marlene Valle and Jason Hoang
Stacey Marlene Valle and Jason Hoang


Lieurene Tran is asking for your help in finding Stacey Marlene Valle and Jason Hoang who have gone missing during their recent trip to Oregon since January 6th, 2017. Their families and friends have not heard from either of them and they were suppose to return two days ago to Los Angeles, California on January 8th, 2017. Their families have already notified the police department and filed a missing person report for both Stacey and Jason. Their families and friends have reported that they were last seen at the Wild Rose Garden Thai Eats in Bend, Oregon on Friday. Police have reported that based on their phone records, their last activity took place at and/or near Lakeshore Drive near Highway 97 around Klamath County, Oregon on Friday afternoon of January 6th, around 4:41pm. If you have any information or tips, please contact the following below:

Description: Stacey and Jason are both Deaf and wear hearing aids.

Stacey: Light-skin Mexican with long brown hair / Hazel eyes / Height: 4’11 & weight: 115lb / Age: 27

Jason: Asian with black hair / Black eyes / Height: 5’10 & weight: 165lb / Age: 27

If anyone have any information regarding Stacey and Jason, please call: Erick Valle (Stacey’s brother): 626-253-8074 Klamath County Station, Oregon 541-884-4876

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