Letter from Family Tree Clinic- ASL Version

[Footage: Alison (white signing womxn) is wearing a black t-shirt and is seated against a light backdrop. She is signing the letter that is posted below.]

Note: Only added information is: Hi, I’m Alison. I’m a Health Educator at Family Tree Clinic. This is an ASL version of a letter that I will be looking at, so please excuse the occasional lack of eye contact.

Family Tree Clinic·Thursday, November 10, 2016134 Reads

Heartbreak. Fear. Uncertainty. Those are only a few of the things we are feeling in the wake of the election outcome. Surprise, unfortunately, is not one of them.
Our staff, board and volunteers are queer and trans people, people of color, women, and people who believe that health care is a human right. The outcome of this election will harm us and the people we serve. We are already witnessing racism, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, and xenophobia continue to flare up across the country. This feels like a dark time.
Our bodies bear the brunt of oppression, and quite frankly, we are exhausted and sad. As we grieve, we lean on each other for support and remind ourselves that we are not alone.
You are not alone.
We won’t stop fighting for you. Ever. Family Tree Clinic is a strong and vibrant nonprofit, community clinic because of you. You make us what we are, and we love you. It is an honor to care for you today and every day, you inspire our forward movement. We are so grateful for that.
When you’re ready, we need you to join us in resistance. We need you to ask each other if everyone is doing okay. We need our allies to show up in tangible and visible ways. Because it’s going to take all of us to power the revolution we so desperately desire.
As we face an unknown future, know that Family Tree has always been a light for those who have been left behind. And in the darkness, we only shine brighter.

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