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Happy New Year everyone! Here with a special edition of NorCal’s Monthly News for January 2017! Check out as Don Lee explains some of the new California laws going into effect in 2017!
Full Transcript Below:
This is NorCal’s Monthly News!
January 2017!
What’s up?
Happy New Year!
Happy Martin Luther King Day!
Looking back at 2016.
It was a good year!
Here are some highlights:
NorCal’s Crab Feed!
Senior Citizen’s Annual Cookout!
Deaf Night with the Kings!
Silent Sliegh!
Those kids had a blast!
Goodbye 2016.
Hello 2017!
Happy New Year.
Did you accomplish your New Year’s resolution?
Get out and exercise?
Quit something?
Stop procrastinating on something?
Get it done?
Here is some stuff you might want to know.
Upcoming California Laws starting in 2017.
898 new California laws go into effect in 2017.
Obviously we can’t explain them all.
Here are just a few that we think you should know about.
Electronic Wireless Device Usage.
What’s does that mean?
You can’t hold your phone while driving.
You phone needs to be mounted
to either your windshield,
or dashboard,
or your console.
Child Safety Seats.
You know, car seats for babies.
Children under 2 years old
need to be in a rear-facing car seat.
Unless they are more than 40 pounds,
or taller than 40 inches.
DUI Ignition Interlock Devices.
A pilot program is starting in several counties –
including Sacramento.
It requires drivers convicted of a DUI
to blow into a device
that will not let your car start if you have been drinking.
Vehicle Registration Fee Increase.
Starting April 1st.
The fee will be raised by $10.
It will now cost $53.
April 1st 2017.
Minimum Wage Increase.
It will go up from $10 an hour,
to $10.50 an hour.
For businesses with 26 or more employees.
Minimum wage will also increase to $15 an hour in 2022.
Starting March 1st
All single-user bathrooms
in businesses and public places
must now be gender neutral.
Starting March 1st.
Accident Reporting.
A driver in a car crash must report the accident
if the damage is more than $1000.
before it was $750.
Report it it’s more than $1000.
January 2017 what’s going on?
January 2nd NorCal offices will be closed
for New Years.
January 4th
the first Wednesday of the month.
we have a new ASL Social in Redding.
At a local business – Sweetspot.
1675 Hilltop Drive in Redding.
First Wednesdays every month.
January 10th is the 1st ASL Social
at the Arden Mall.
January it will be the 2nd Tuesday.
February the 2nd Wednesday.
Switching back and forth 2nd Tuesdays and Wednesdays.
January 16th is Martin Luther King Day.
NorCal offices will be closed.
Do you remember
NorCal’s 40th Anniversary Celebration?
It’s going to special!
At Wine & Roses in Lodi.
Tickets are $125 per person
or $200 for a couple.
This price lasts until February 13th.
Camp Grizzly’s website is getting a new look!
It will be finished very soon.
When is Camp Grizzly in 2017?
July 30th through August 5th.
You can send in applications and payment plans
starting in January
to July 30th.
Who can go to Camp Grizzly?
Deaf, hard of hearing,
Come join the fun!
Ages 7-18!
I’m Don Lee with NorCal.
Happy New Year!
See you next month!

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