[Footage Description: 2:47 video featuring Alison (white signing woman) who is wearing a grey felt sweater, seated on the floor leaning against a maroon leather sofa, signing about an upcoming Twitter Chat. Behind her there is a large framed abstract piece of art on the wall and off to the side there’s part of a light colored cat tree visible.]

Alison: Hi! I’m Alison. I want to talk with you about this coming Friday! What’s up this Friday? From 2:00p.m. to 3:00p.m. eastern time this coming Friday we will be hosting a twitter chat. How does that work? Those of you who have twitter, Facebook, instagram, etc- are encouraged to show up to chat about a specific topic, in this case, Addiction and Recovery in the Deaf, DeafBlind, DeafDisabled, and Hard of Hearing communities. We’ll be talking about our struggles with addiction (alcohol and drugs), with accessing recovery programs, with maintaining sobriety. I’d like for us to have a conversation specifically about all that. We can all follow the conversation by using the hashtag- #DeafRecovery. So if you’re looking for what people are saying about that topic, search #DeafRecovery on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. and share/retweet/etc what you find.

We invite you to share your experiences- whether as a video, written piece, or even artwork! If you share video or art please include transcripts and image description. We got a tip that an easy way to do this is to post on instagram and include the description/transcript there and then share from Instagram to twitter.

SO folks— again, this coming Friday February 3rd! Join the chat at 2pm EST! Share your thoughts and others’ thoughts too! We will post questions periodically over the hour. Folks are welcome to answer those questions or add their own thoughts and stories as we go through the hour. We just want to start the conversation on this topic. It is much needed. And also I’m concerned about the high stress levels people are experiencing lately and how that contributes to triggers for relapse/ self-medicating. I’m hoping that the community coming together to discuss these topics will be yet another avenue of support. Hope you join!

Oh! And also- an intern from HEARD will possibly be making a video sharing how to participate in a twitter chat like this one!!! Will share that soon! Please help spread the word all week! Thank you!!!]

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