IAD President Emeritus Angela Botz urges community members to sign the Illinois Deaf and Hard of Hearing Commission (IDHHC) petition today to demand the IDHCC do a better job serving you!


IAD President Emeritus Angela Botz:

Hello! This is Angela Botz. The Illinois Deaf and Hard of Hearing Commission (IDHHC) must change its ways and serve the community. This must be done through systematic changes and strengthen its task forces. IDHHC continues to ignore IAD’s participation and that is not acceptable. IDHHC has continuously spent time on issues that have minimal impact on the deaf community, opposes/prevent issues and legislation the community needs and wants. IDHHC has not sought out the deaf or non-deaf community’s input, complaints, ideas, goals and aspects such as their insufficient focus on providing training opportunities, creating awareness of the interpreters, facilitation of improving communication and many more. As a past President of Illinois Association of the Deaf, I urge you to sign a petition TODAY to demand the IDHHC do a better job serving you! We all want to see change NOW!

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