A special message from NorCal’s Board Members! Learn more and get tickets here: http://www.norcalcenter.org/event/40thgala/

Full Transcript Below:

Hi! I’m Andrew Metz.
I’m a board member of
NorCal Services for Deaf & Hard of Hearing.
Hi I’m Isabel Alejandro.
I’m also a board member.
What’s up with the rose?
I don’t know.
We are at Wine & Roses.
Where we are hosting our 40th Gala
Anniversary Celebration
on April 22nd.
Join us!
Come, buy tickets!
Why and what’s it for?
Oh yes what’s it for:
The board takes the lead on hosting
a fundraiser every 5 years.
This is our 40th year,
working for all of you!
We are fundraising to provide better services!
Anything you want to add?
Who is hosting the event?
Oh who are the MC’s?
Deanne Bray and Tim Albert.
So come and celebrate and join in the fun!
We’re gonna party!
Join us!
One more thing!
If you buy a ticket
You have an opportunity to
win a raffle
for a night at a Bed and Breakfast.
Valued at $250!
So come!
Don’t forget to buy tickets now
don’t miss out!

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