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To learn more about the Big Day of Giving(BDOG) visit www.norcalcenter.org/bdog
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What is the Big Day of Giving(BDOG)? On May 4th, 2017 Sacramento area nonprofits will come together for a 24-hour online donation challenge! This year is NorCal Services for Deaf and Hard of Hearing’s first time participating!
How does it work? At any time (During 24 hours) on May 4th you can visit our profile on the BDOG website and donate to help us reach our fundraising goal.
Donations from the Big Day of Giving (BDOG) will support NorCal’s advocacy programs for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community. Some examples of what your money goes towards are programs such as: Helping pay tuition for Deaf campers to go to Camp Grizzly. Keeping Deaf senior citizens connected. Providing emergency hotel stays for Deaf survivors of domestic violence. Support our program to help Deaf and hard of hearing people in our community gain employment. AND Much More!
How can you help? Spread the word about BDOG on May 4th! On May 4th post the link to our BDOG profile page on social media and encourage your friends to help us meet our fundraising goal.
Full transcript below:
This is NorCal’s Monthly News…
What’s that?
I’ll explain.
On the “Big Day of Giving”
Sacramento area hearing nonprofits
all focusing on different issues
participate in a special event
established 4 years ago.
This is NorCal’s first year participating!
How does it work?
For 24 hours on May 4th
Starting at midnight for a full 24 hours.
You can click on our BDOG profile
to donate money.
What does the money go towards?
It benefits NorCal’s programs like:
Camp Grizzly, Senior Choices,
emergency services for survivors of domestic violence
employment programs and many more
services that benefit the community.
Show that you care by donating.
Now how can you help?
You can help us spread the word
through Facebook, Instagram, email,
and other social media, doesn’t matter which.
Please help us spread the word
about our charity NorCal.
You can even schedule a donation early
by going to BDOG profile and donating today.
Thank you so mu. . .
I just donated!

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