Board Report April 2017: Region I

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Enjoy a two minute summary of what the NAD Board did in Connecticut and Massachusetts during their quarterly board meeting. Also, in this video, Region I Reps share an update from Region I.

VIDEO DESCRIPTION AND TRANSCRIPT: A small white NAD logo appears on bottom right corner. The first two minutes is a montage of clips of the visit.

Michelle and Steve stand next to each other facing the camera.

STEVE: Welcome to Hartford, Connecticut where the NAD Board is meeting. We have had some great discussions, especially for plans with Region I.

MICHELLE: We’d like to share some great things happening in our region. Region I has many legislative bills introduced in their state legislature, kudos to those who did. Some examples include: language acquisition — making sure deaf children between ages 0 – 5 are on par with their peers by kindergarten, accountability on state level is important; license plate recognizing deaf drivers with a logo is a big concern, especially when deaf people are pulled over by the police, some state associations are concerned; and interpreting licensure bills to make sure the interpreting community is in good shape and that the deaf community is protected as well. Those are the different types of bills in our region. We recognize the hard work the State Associations have done in getting them passed on the state level.

STEVE: We also have many events in our region such as upcoming State Association conferences happening now through the fall. Check our Facebook page for more information. Also, we have the National Leadership Training Conference (NLTC) during October 3-5 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma! We hope you will join us. We will do something new this year at NLTC, a region mini conference. Come and join us! Also, we are planning for our next biennial conference in 2018 in Hartford. We are looking for volunteers. You can check our Facebook page for more information soon. Come!

MICHELLE: We are really excited for everything you have done, keep up the work and moving forward with your sleeves rolled up! Region I is champ!

STEVE: Yes, you’re champ!

Video fades to a soft white background with several different font types showing “NAD” very quickly. Copyright video ends with the National Association of the Deaf (NAD) logo centered. Blue text below the logo appears, “A production of the National Association of the Deaf (copyright) 2017 All Rights Reserved”.

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