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Enjoy a two minute summary of what the NAD Board did in Connecticut and Massachusetts during their quarterly board meeting. In this video, President Melissa shares what the NAD Board discussed during their meeting.

VIDEO DESCRIPTION AND TRANSCRIPT: A small white NAD logo appears on bottom right corner. The first two minutes is a montage of clips of the visit.

Melissa Draganac-Hawk stands in front the American School for the Deaf, outside.

MELISSA: Hi, I’m Melissa. It’s time for my monthly video report and you may wonder where I am — we met for our quarterly NAD Board meeting in Hartford, Connecticut. On Thursday, we visited the Willie Ross School for the Deaf in Massachusetts. Then in the afternoon, based on the NAD Board’s commitment to receiving training on various topics at every board meeting from various outside presenters, we had the honor of having Ivy Velez and Andrea Wohl share about mental health. Ivy and Andrea explained the “Wrap Around” concept to help us understand children’s needs. They shared how they identify children’s needs and how they work with the State to ensure the success of every child. We learned a lot that afternoon. Then on Friday, the NAD Board discussed ways to improve the Council of Representatives meeting and reviewed feedback that was received from the community about #NAD2016. We are looking forward to implementing those changes for #NAD2018, we are excited to share those updates with you soon. Finally, on Saturday, the NAD Board hosted a community event, “ASL Storytelling” to highlight the 200th anniversary of the American School for the Deaf (ASD). Everyone enjoyed the stories shared by community and some Board members. It’s important to preserve ASL and continue to pass it on to others. Happy Birthday ASD! Thank you.

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