DMV Testing and Complaints

Full Transcript: We are here to talk about DMV.
If you want a driver’s license, you first need to pass the written test
The standard test is on the computer, however you can ask for ASL video test or ask to have an interpreter provided for your test.
DMV is a state agency and must comply with federal law. DMV cannot discriminate because you are deaf.
What is discrimination?
1) DMV cannot require you to fail the computer test first before letting you take ASL video or interpreter.
2) DMV cannot deny your request to take ASL video test.
3) DMV cannot deny your request for an interpreter. DMV should give you 800 number to request an interpreter.
3) We recognize that there is a problem with calling 800 number for interpreter. Often you are on hold for hours. If you leave a message and they call back, sometimes miss you and leave you a message, and then you have to call back again. Hearing people don’t have this problem; they just go online to schedule an appointment which is fast, easy and convenient.
If you are experiencing any of these problems, you need to file a discrimination complaint. DMV can’t solve these issues until DMV hears from you about the problems you are experiencing.
How to file a complaint?
Or come to our office and we can help you with your complaint.
Important things to remember –
1) You need to file complaint within 30 days of the incident –
For example, you showed up at DMV for your appointment on March 1 and you were denied the ASL video, then you must file your complaint by March 30 or sooner.
2) Document dates, times, and, if possible, names of DMV staff who you talked to.

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