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Selena Minogue: I went to Gallaudet University in 2010 and majored in Social Work the major didn’t match to what I imagine. And I had to leave for financial reasons. I continued to live in DC with my brother and then I met him. That’s my background.

Casavina: Right! I was born and raise in LA, California until I moved to DC for school in 2010 same as him. My family is from El Salvador not Mexican. Many people think we’re Mexican, but no we’re not. Right! That. I studied what? Become an ASL teacher then I transferred to film, but I wasn’t satisfied. I wanted something more challenging. So I dropped out and started to film myself and we started Deafies in Drag together.

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Serious Questions:

Welcome to San Francisco, how are you liking it here so far?

Selena Minogue: This is our first time arriving to SF and we were overwhelmed. We went to Castro Street I believe. [Shows sign for Castro Street]. That was overwhelming. Wow. A lot of gay culture people live in that area.

Casavina Yes. Remember when people say SF really cold make sure you bring a jacket. They weren’t joking. Seriously.

Selena Minogue: Snap.

Casavina: Really cold! That!

Selena Minogue: Make sure you bring three layers of clothing! I think I lost twenty pounds and my face looks creamy and warm.

Are you excited to perform and help fundraise money for DCARA and DeafHope?

Selena Minogue: We’re really excited about when we heard that DCARA and DeafHope goal to fundraise for women who are survivors of domestic violence and sexual violence, we were thrilled and wanted to support that and want to help women feel empowered.

Casavina: Also to support deaf young children. That’s our people. I’m happy and excited to support our community. You know.

What your most memorable memory and/or memories so far working as a duo together?

Selena Minogue: Well our best memories in Deafies in Drag is obviously traveling. And we did go to Italy for the first time for our show. We had so much fun It was a rich experience for both of us. Fun experience.

Casavina: Right. Also, we enjoyed most of our time doing the animal balloon. That was the most fun part for both of us. Yes. We were laughing and laughing and couldn’t stop laughing. I tried my best to keep a serious look . That was fun and really enjoyed it.

Are you touring anywhere else? If so where?

Selena Minogue: Our next trip we are going to France in July for festival. We have more coming.

Selena Minogue: Next one will also be in Seattle. Yes we will be performing there.

Selena Minogue : And then Colorado.

Casavina: Deaftopia.

Selena Minogue: Deaftopia will do. Some states. We are really excited.

Casavina: Yes I’m excited too.

Why do you think people are able to connect with you and your stories?

Casavina: Really we both focus a lot on deaf problems and how to make it funny. I’m sure many deaf people can relate to that. Plus we don’t see a lot of deaf entertainment. So when we perform many people are able to understand and relate than using our voices and speaking.

Selena Minogue: Not only that, but our perspective with Deafies in Drag very attractive to our art and big hair and signing. It add to more humor and more visuals. And that’s why more people connects with our stories.

Completely Silly Random Questions:

You have the choice to live with a gorilla who knows sign language or a dog who sings lullabies, which do you choose?

Casavina Live with a gorilla or dog that sings?

Selena Minogue I would live with a gorilla I can’t….oh. okay..perfect. I would live with a gorilla that knows signs rather than a dog that knows how to sing because I’m deaf and I don’t need singing. I rather engage signs with the gorilla. You?

Casavina: I feel like Jane from Tarzan. I want to tell the gorilla to make a film with me! That!

Selena Minogue Drums like a Gorilla

What would you do if you won the lottery?

Selena Minogue: Oh course pay our big debts and bills. You know we have a lot of bills to pay.
Casavina: I already imagine what I really really want…I want a studio. Fit in a huge building and setup for filming. That what I would do.

Selena Minogue: With all the DeafTalent actors/actresses we can work together. Yes. Casavina: Of course pay different entertainment and all come together. Selena Minogue : Support. Definitely support deaf talent and help it grow.

If you were an animal, which one would you want to be?

Selena Minogue: I will be…oh that’s a good question. Do you want to answer?

Casavina: I’m unsure, either a snake or a bird and fly.

Selena Minogue: Why a snake? I thought you hate snakes.

Casavina: Snakes are so efficient. Deaf and slither. They bite real fast.

Selena Minogue: I think I would be a cat. They’re eyes….oh….oh a lion. I think they’re fine. Big hair. Gorgeous hair.

If you could choose one superhero power, what would it be and why?

Selena Minogue: I would like to read people minds. So I can steal your password and take your money. Yup.

Casavina: I would love to control things. Why because I feel I might hurt myself. Control with my mind like bringing me the remote.

Selena Minogue: Lazy is your middle name.

Casavina: Yup!

The ten questions Lipton asks are:

What is your favorite word?
Selena Minogue: Figure. It’s a very powerful word Figure.
Casavina: My favorite word…this word: YAS. It’s from drag culture. I love that word: YAS. It’s fun! It’s like a double yes. YAS!

What is your least favorite word?
Selena Minogue: Not my favorite word….I get and heard a lot of people keep telling me that I’m worthless. I hate that word. Everyone keeps telling me I am worthless. No, you are worth it. You are born here for some reason. Make yourself worth it. Love yourself. I hate that word worthless.
Casavina: The word that I don’t like is panty. I prefer underwear. Not panty.

What turns you on?
Selena Minogue: Humor. Any man that makes me laugh. Period. That’s turns me on.
Casavina: Many things turns me on. Maybe personality. Really friendly with other people and has a good heart. Finish. That turns me on.

What turns you off?
Selena Minogue: Rude. I hate rude people. Especially to innocent people. I don’t understand rude people and makes them negative and feel bad.
Casavina: If you’re not yourself. Fake personality and you have a big ego. Not yourself, no I don’t like that.

What sound or noise do you love?
Selena Minogue: I personally like to hear something upbeat. Like “boom-boom”. Something “boom-boom” you see what I mean.
Casavina: I love the sound what? Guitar, I can hear with my hearing aid. I love the sound. It’s beautiful.

What sound or noise do you hate?
Selena Minogue: Scratching on the wall or blackboard. I don’t like that sound.
Casavina: Loud sound and people yelling. Should quiet down.

What is your favorite curse word?
Selena Minogue: Bitches.
Casavina: Same bitch.

What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?
Selena Minogue: If I could work full time, I would want to do fashion designer. I’ve always wanted to design dress and make clothes since I was a kid.
Casavina: I don’t mind script-writing. You know concept writing stories and help with filming and maybe be an interpreter. I love ASL. I don’t mind interpreting.
Selena Minogue: ASL is a beautiful language.
Casavina: Yes.

What profession would you not like to do?
Selena Minogue : Plumber. I mean I don’t want to deal with that shit. I don’t want to be a plumber for sure.
Casavina: I don’t like being in a office and sitting all day. I must be able to move. I can’t sit all day in the office.

If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates?
Selena Minogue: YASS Queen! That’s what I want to hear from Him,. YAS Queen I know.
Casavina: Maybe I would like to hear from Him: You all fucked up. YAS!

Watch the full interview below!

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