A casual pin up look: the makings of pin up hair (flat on the crown and curls all around) but it isn’t heavily backcombed and the curls aren’t too precise. A look you can wear and your friends will say wow but it doesn’t take too long and you won’t get stared at in the street for having hair that’s too costume-y. Also if it goes wrong just fluff it up a bit and roll with it!

Products used:
Blue and Red rollers – https://goo.gl/W46nMU
Pink Rollers – https://goo.gl/GTwa3s
Lottabody Setting Lotion – https://goo.gl/opSIdC
Tangle Teaser – https://goo.gl/RIyYpx
Bristle Brush – https://goo.gl/rFba4A
Head Jog 10 (purple brush) – https://goo.gl/rFba4A
Layrite Supershine Hair Pomade – https://goo.gl/Pnf1Gz

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