A challenge I’m forced to abide by on occasion! This video is really How To Put Make Up On When You Have A Paralysed Hand And Your Other Hand Is A Bit Rubbish Because Of That One Time I Paralysed It For 18 Months… but that was a less catchy title!

For why my fingers are rubbish today, see here: https://youtu.be/URdCIWsKHQQ

Products used:

Primer: Maybelline New York Baby Skin – https://goo.gl/qjD8uz
Concealer: Max Factor Mastertouch Concealer (Light) – https://goo.gl/8YibDY
Powder: Max Factor Facefinity Compact (Porcelain) – https://goo.gl/6gajI1
Blusher: No. 7 Powder Blusher (Apricot Blossom) – https://goo.gl/0iqSNr
Eyebrows: Maybelline BrowSatin pencil (Red Mahogany) – https://goo.gl/fEtFcQ
Eyeshadow Primer: L’Oreal Colour Riche Eye Primer – https://goo.gl/MsXS5n
Lipstick: No.7 Matte Lip Crayon (Dusky Rose) – https://goo.gl/mWP4rG
Eyeshadow Palette: Lover Bar Warm Eyeshadow Palette – https://goo.gl/vG530m
Eyeliner: No.7 Stay Perfect Liquid Liner – https://goo.gl/7HxxHJ
Mascara: Max Factor Voluptuous – https://goo.gl/AkZCmz

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