Last night, on American Ninja Warriors, a young deaf/hard of hearing man named Kyle Schulze participated in the qualifying round at Kanas City. At 27 years old, he almost completed the full round, but fell short. He was born deaf and got his first hearing aids when he was two and half years old.

(Update: Kyle did advance to the Kanas City finals.) 

For the last six years, he has worked at a grocery story and he says that it, “Gives me more of a connection with people in this society, not to be isolated the whole time, so it’s the same thing in “American Ninja Warriors.”

“In the ninja community, they embraced me like I was one of their own…they are almost like a second family because no one’s criticizing your ability. They’re always giving you advice. “

He firmly believes that American Ninja Warriors will give him the opportunity to show the world that deaf people can do anything.

“”American Ninja Warrior” is the best opportunity to show the world and show the people that we can do anything and I can do anything. There are no obstacles in the this world that will stop me. ”

To watch the full episode, go to NBC American Ninja Warriors!

Here’s his video submission as well below.


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