MO Interpreters Conference: Jessica Brown

Jessica Brown will be presenting “High Stakes Test Taking” at the 24th Annual Missouri Interpreters Conference.

IMAGE: Jessica sits at her desk and describes her workshop in sign language.

TRANSCRIPT: Hello, my name is Jessica Brown, and I am thrilled to be presenting a workshop at the 24th Annual Missouri Interpreters Conference in Columbia, Missouri. The title of my workshop is “High Stakes Test Taking.” I’ll show you different ways to prepare for the test. I’ll show you different ways to study and prepare for when you take the BEI Performance Exam. I’ll show you different calming strategies in order to take the test. And also I’ll show you how to prepare and study for it. I’m the one presenting, so when it comes time to come take your test, you’ll see a familiar face and you won’t feel as anxious. I’m excited to present, and I don’t want to miss you! And I hope to see you there are the Missouri Interpreters Conference!

TITLE TEXT: High Stakes Test Taking, Presented by Jessica Brown. ASL with quiet voicing section. Friday, October 13, 4-6 pm. The 24th Annual Missouri Interpreters Conference has gone mobile! Get the app on your device now, for free. Http:// 1. Visit the above URL on your device. 2. Tap the “download” button to get the Guidebook app. 3. Open Guidebook and look for the guide “24th Annual Missouri Interpreters Conference.”

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