Hey guys! We’re still vlogging, just only when we both will be in part of the video. We didn’t create this channel to just teach sign language. There are so many other channels that teach ASL, so it’s not just about that. We wanted to show people that Deaf and hearing relationships work, and not only work but can result in happy, successful relationships. I wanted people to stop thinking, “how could you date a Deaf person. Aren’t you worried about having kids?” Or even the other way around, “Why do you date a hearing girl? It probably would be easier if you dated someone who was Deaf.” We wanted to show people that you could be missing out on meeting your soul mate if you decide to not to create a relationship with someone just because they’re Deaf or hearing. It’s about being open minded, and accepting, not letting the differences between two people stop them from communicating and creating a connection. So expect to see us both in every video!

Welcome any new viewers and hello to all our friends who have been with us! Ryan and I are a Deaf and hearing couple. We met in high school around 7 years ago. We’ve created this channel to show the world how great Deaf and Hearing relationships can be, and to teach you American Sign Language naturally! Subscribe to watch our vlogs!

Watch me do Ryan’s makeup! He’s already handsome, but I made him beautiful! If we get to 13k views we we’ll do another challenge video! Check it out now!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MdU327wA62s

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