LEADER: What does YLC mean to me? Being open.

LEADER: YLC is very inspiring.

LEADER: This is where I realized my identity.

LEADER: YLC is amazing!

LEADER: YLC is a place for leadership and experience!

BUILDER: YLC is powerful.

LEADER: YLC is a place to grow.

LEADER: This is where I can learn my mistakes and realize my errors about my leadership style and recognize areas of improvement to be a better person — that’s what YLC means to me.

BUILDER: YLC helped me gain self-confidence.

LEADER: YLC has helped me improve my skills for the future!

BUILDER: I’ve been learning how to run a camp and appreciate the important workshops topics so far. I’m interested in everything that YLC does so I can bring that to my home country, Indonesia. We want to develop a camp program there that is similar to YLC.

LEADER: I feel inspired to be here. I’ve made some new friends and it’s been a good experience so far. YLC will always be in my heart.

LEADER: Honestly, YLC is all about teamwork and time management!

BUILDER: YLC is the future.

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