I am making this video for the International Week of the Deaf 2017.

I’ve noticed there are many hearing people or any people who are not fully aware of our sign languages in the world.

They’ve asked me why it is not universal sign language repeatedly. I figured it’s important to let them know our sign language is not universal.

In each country, they have their beautiful sign language. In fact, I learned there are around 300 sign languages in the world. It applies to written languages. They communicate in their language. How do they overcome the barrier? They use google translation or use the main language – English.

It’s same as the way we communicate. Mainly, we use International Sign to communicate for overcoming our different sign languages. That is how we can communicate each other well. It helps us to understand each other better.

Having different sign languages is good. It gives us a better understanding of different ways to express our feelings or thoughts. We see a cool sign; we can simply use it for various purposes – expressing our feeling in sign language or creating amazing stories.

Different sign languages help us to evolve our signs in a positive direction. It’s all about growing and making our communication conveniently.

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