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Remember #PurpleThursday on Oct 19th and post to FB, Twitter, Tumblr, or Instagram to support survivors and spread awareness! To learn more about domestic violence visit www.norcalcenter.org/deafsafe Contact information: deafsafe@norcalcenter.org or Deaf Hotline at 1-855-812-1001 VP, 1-800-787-3224 TTY,
Print your coupons for Deaf Awareness Day at Bishop’s Pumpkin Farm here www.norcalcenter.org/event/bishopspumpkin Save the Date for NorCal’s Country Western Hoedown and Crab Feed www.norcalcenter.org/event/crabfeed
Full Transcript Below:
This is NorCal’s Monthly News,
October 2017
What’s important about October?
Halloween of course!
But not only that,
October is also
Domestic Violence Awareness Month.
DV Month.
Research and statistics show that
1 out of 2 Deaf women
experience domestic violence.
What is domestic violence?
It’s when one partner in a relationship
uses various patterns of behavior
to gain power and control
over their partner.
To learn more about domestic violence
check our DeafSAFE
Facebook page or website
You can help raise awareness
about domestic violence
by wearing purple
on Purple Thursday (Oct 19th)
and posting that picture on social media
with #PurpleThursday
If you know anyone
who needs help
with domestic violence
contact DeafSAFE
or the Deaf Hotline at
1-855-812-1001 VP
1-800-787-3224 TTY
Events this month:
Remember October 19th
is #PurpleThursday
don’t forget to wear purple!
October 28th
from 10am-3pm
Bishop’s Pumpkin Farm
at 1415 Pumpkin Lane in Wheatland.
October 31st Happy Halloween!
NorCal will stay open.
Just for fun.
Monthly Deaf Trivia Challenge!
Related to October…
Oh yes, baseball!
The World Series is in October.
Who was the first Deaf
major-league baseball player?
Do you know?
The answer is:
William Hoy
Known as Dummy Hoy.
He first played
for the Washington Nationals in 1888.
He was playing for the Cincinnati Reds
when he retired in 1902.
He invented the signs for
Out, Safe, and Strike
still used on the field.
Those came from Dummy Hoy.
In his last year1902
William played in Majors
against a Deaf pitcher.
Luther Haden “Dummy” Taylor.
Both were called Dummy huh..
But anyway that was a long time ago.
What about today?
Who is a modern Deaf baseball player?
Curtis Pride
He first played in 1993
for the Montreal Expos
Then for several teams after.
Detroit, Boston, Atlanta, NY Yankees,
and finally LA Angels in 2006.
Now he is at Gallaudet
where he has been coaching for 9 years.
Save the Date!
For next year 2018.
February 10th
will be NorCal’s Crab Feed
May 5th is the Stockton BBQ.
Happy Halloween!
I’m Don Lee with NorCal.
See you next month!

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