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Check out NorCal’s Monthly News 2017! More info on events in this video:
New ASL Social www.norcalcenter.org/event/psaslsocial
WFD Conference wfdbudapest2017.com
Senior Holiday Luncheon http://www.norcalcenter.org/event/seniorholidaylunch/
Holidays and Families with NorCal http://www.norcalcenter.org/event/redholidays/
NorCal’s Country Western Hoedown and Crab Feed http://www.norcalcenter.org/event/crabfeed/
See Full Transcript Below:
This is NorCal’s Monthly News
November 2017
What’s up?
We have a new ASL Social!
Every Tuesday
from 6-9pm
At Planet Smoothie
1250 Pleasant Grove Blvd #130
in Roseville.
If you buy something
Planet Smoothie will donate to NorCal!
NorCal offices will be closed
on the following dates:
Friday, November 10th
for Veteran’s Day
we will be closed.
Friday, November 17th
for a staff development day
we will be closed.
Wednesday, November 22nd
at noontime through
Friday, Nov 24th
we are closed for a national holiday
Deaf Trivia Question of the month!
What does WFD stand for?
The World Federation of the Deaf
What about the WFD?
November 8th-10th
WFD will hold a world conference.
Way out in
Budapest, Hungary.
You can learn more about it at
Who’s that?
Dr. Roz Rosen
from the USA
will be presenting
at the WFD conference.
To talk about LEAD-K.
We are excited to see this
go international!
Looking towards next month.
December 7th
Senior Holiday Luncheon!
December 8th
Redding Holidays and Families
With NorCal.
December 9th
We are having a cookie decorating
contest. More details coming soon!
Coming Soon in 2018!
February 10th
NorCal’s Country Western
Hoedown and Crab Feed!
Tickets are now available to buy
Early bird price is $65.
The money goes to support
important local Deaf services
like Camp Grizzly and DeafSAFE.
May 5th, 2018 is our Stockton BBQ
The Big Day of Giving!
Look forward to May 3rd, 2018!
NorCal’s CEO turns 25!
A series of fundraising events will be
hosted by NorCal’s Board and staff
in honor of her 25 years of service!
Keep watch for more info
in the next couple of weeks
about how you can donate!
As always
NorCal is thankful for YOU
our community
all colors
all ages
in all 24 counties we serve
and beyond!
We hope you enjoy the national
holiday at the end of the month!
I’m Don Lee with NorCal!
See you next month!

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