Adventurous Mother Who Overcomes The Fear of Traveling Solo

Tonia Jimmerson is known as a fantastic mother and a solo traveler. She enjoyed traveling the world. She has been to 9 countries.

In the past, she didn’t give herself a chance to pursue her ultimate dream – traveling the world. She birthed three beautiful children. She focused on raising three kids. Until the day she realized the identity she has is no longer the same. She wanted to do something that restored her identity. Travel was the choice she wanted to do. She didn’t have anybody to travel with her…

She was terrified what if she travels solo and someone may hurt or kidnap her. But her most significant fear she had was being alone. She had never been alone, so that was a hard fear for her to overcome. But she discovered that if she could travel solo, she could do anything.

She sat and watched the laptop that shows the flight ticket to Thailand. She wasn’t sure if she should just buy it right away or not. She decided to overcome the fear and purchased her first flight ticket to Thailand. She was shocked to learn that the fear she always had has been shattered. From there, everything has completely changed how she sees in the world especially herself.

She realized that mothers or females out there who are terrified of traveling solo. It’s normal to be scared, but it worths the try. You’ll see how beautiful the world is and filled with great locals all over the countries.

To mothers, you all need a good break so it won’t hurt to try asking your husband or family or friends to babysit your kids while you go out and travel a bit. So you can return with much more energy and a better mother for kids!

It didn’t stop her from traveling more. She’s finding a way to go to Africa next year.

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