Video begins with a still image of the MCDHH logo, followed by a close-up image of a Christmas tree with colored lights.
Opeoluwa Sotonwa, Executive Director of MCDHH, delivers his message in ASL while wearing a colorful striped sweater and standing in front of MCDHH’s Christmas tree.
Ope: Hello everyone! We here at MCDHH want to thank you for a great 2017. Together we were able to accomplish many great things. As we celebrate this holiday season, regardless of your religion or beliefs, we hope that you enjoy your time with your family and your loved ones. Have a happy holiday, merry Christmas, happy Hannukah, happy Solstice, happy Yuletide season. And we hope the New Year brings you all that your heart desires.
Image of a holiday decoration consisting of a smiling, round penguin standing in a cupcake, while holding a lollipop.
Dee Sanfilippo, MICS Coordinator, signs “Happy Hanukkah” while standing by a lit blue and white menorah.
Still image of MCDHH’s Hanukkah bush—a small silver tree with blue and silver ornaments, white lights, and a Star of David on top.
Christopher Ludvigsen, Community Support Liaison, signs “Hello! Merry Christmas, everyone!” while standing in front of MCDHH’s Christmas tree.
Jessica Brown, Interpreter Certification Specialist, signs her message while surrounded by wrapped packages.
Jessica: Merry Christmas from all of us here!
Repeated still image of a large red bow.
AJ Housewright, staff interpreter, signs his message at his desk, surrounded by holiday décor and wearing a blue sweater with large, white snowflakes on it.
AJ: Hello everyone, I hope you enjoy your time socializing with friends and family!
Emily Morrison, Information Program Specialist, signs “Happy Holidays” while seated next to a small, Charlie Brown Christmas tree.
Laurie Lister, Office Support Specialist, signs “Happy New Year” in front of the MCDHH Christmas tree while wearing a Santa sweater.
The final screen shows the MCDHH logo with the text: Happy Holidays from us at MCDHH!

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