My father, Larry, has contributed his free time to working and completing the sprinter van. He has a job, yet he found his time to make sure that my trip will succeed! He didn’t even let weather, injury, stress, and everything else that put an obstacle in his path to finishing the sprinter van. I can see how awesome my father has been to me for many years, so it’s time for me to surprise him.

Surprise: Getting him on the plane to Switzerland and Iceland this week. My father hasn’t been to Europe for thirty years, so it’s time for him to go back! And let’s have fun with his son, right?

He accidentally cuts his fingers during the work hours. I just had to let my father know about surprise so everything will be much easier on him. I’ve decided to surprise him!

He was speechless and cried with a full joy! It touched my heart, of course, I cried as well. It was a good moment for us.

I look forward to experiencing all the fun trips with my father this week!

Love you dad!

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