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Language Equality and Acquisition for Deaf Kids(LEAD-K) and the National Black Deaf Advocates(NBDA) are here to announce a new partnership!
Learn more about LEAD-K:
Learn more about the NBDA:

Full Transcript Below:
Hello! My name is Evon Black, President
of the National Black Deaf Advocates.
Hi I’m Sam Holden, Vice President
of the National Black Deaf Advocates.
Hi I’m Sheri Farinha
Campaign Director for LEAD-K.
LEAD-K is a national grassroots movement
happening all over the United States
to end language deprivation
in Deaf and hard of hearing children.
NBDA is proud to announce
we are partnering
with the LEAD-K campaign.
We are encouraging all our members
to join forces with LEAD-K states
to fight for our Deaf children’s civil rights
of having access to developing a language.
LEAD-K is not about advocating only ASL.
LEAD-K’s focus is on literacy
and language development accountability,
using language milestones
as steps toward the goal.
Whether its ASL and English,
or one of those languages
the key to success is introducing
a language the minute
a baby is born identified as Deaf.
That’s what LEAD-K is.
Kindergarten readiness, right?
We know that there are many
children in the Black Deaf community
who have been left behind or ignored,
and just shuffled along in the system.
We are here today to say
enough is enough!
It’s time for the NBDA to move forward
fully supporting LEAD-K legistlation
in every state
so that every Deaf child
finally has their language rights monitered,
tracked, and progress reported annually.
No more falling through he cracks!
Deaf children’s language rights matter!
To learn which state you can join
a team to help fight please contact:
or contact them!
Working together with LEAD-K equals
A Deaf Child’s Success for a Lifetime!
Together everyone achives more!

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