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President Melissa shares self-advocacy tips and Deaf Grassroots Movement Rally updates. #NADboard

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VIDEO DESCRIPTION AND TRANSCRIPT: Melissa is standing in front of a stone wall. A small white NAD logo appears on bottom right corner.

MELISSA: Hi, I’m Melissa. Today’s video will cover two points: self-advocacy and Deaf Grassroots Movement (DGM). First, there have been several conversations about when to start encouraging young people to become self-advocates? It starts at any age. Self-advocacy begins with yourself and determining if you feel you need to do something to make things right. It could be about communication, understanding something, or just about anything in life. Even young children can self-advocate! An example would be students asking a teacher where their eyeglasses are. Another example would be students asking the teacher to clarify the classroom lesson that was just discussed. Students who are pre-teens can also self-advocate! An example of self-advocacy by a mainstreamed pre-teen could involve asking for interpreters for an after-school program or at a football practice. Where do young students learn this? Their role models are adults. To help students understand, adults can show what self-advocacy looks like, talk about it, and engage with the students in a positive way. From there, youth will internalize self-advocacy tools and feel good about themselves. Another idea for self-advocacy training is to bring youth to voter registration, to meet your Senators and legislators, or to any deaf event. It doesn’t matter whether they’re deaf or hearing, youth need self-advocacy role models. As they grow up, they can incorporate what they learned and be able to articulate their rights as a deaf person or support deaf people if they are a hearing ally. That is something for all of us to consider in preparing our youth for self-advocacy. My second point is about DGM. DGM is currently planning a phenomenal two-day event. On March 7, all afternoon, for some DGM leaders, there will be legislative training in DC. On March 8, everyone is invited to an all day rally and march in DC. DGM focuses on advocating for improved C-E-J: communication, education, and jobs. The march will start in front of Gallaudet University and end at the U.S. Capitol. At the end of the march, there will be a rally program. You can look at DGM’s website and Facebook page for more information. If you have an opportunity to join us — even if for an hour or two, please do! This rally and march is for everyone in the deaf community. Legislators must know we are here and that our C-E-J issues are still important. Our issues must be resolved. So, join us! Thank you.

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