Get your FREE GIRL SCOUT COOKIES at 7-8 P.M. at SDC 1300/1310 TONIGHT!! The NTID Student Assembly will present you some candidates for the upcoming Student Government elections.

Image description: Eric Epstein, a white young man wearing blue sweater and white pants with black shoes. He is making a snow angel in the middle of brown circle with orange tiger paw in the center with Girl Scout Cookie boxes around him.

Transcript: They’re free! Where? SDC 1300/1310. When? 7-8 PM tonight! What is it for? The NTID Student Congress Assembly will talk about the election candidates for next week. See you there!! [Ending title has a black background and white text: “Get your free Girl Scout cookies at 7-8 p.m. in SDC 1300/1310 tonight.”

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