Announcing NAD Youth Section

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The NAD Youth Strategy Team excited to announce a huge milestone — the NAD Youth Section (NADYS) has become an official section under the NAD!

VIDEO DESC & TRANSCRIPT: Montage of different clips of people signing towards the camera with various backgrounds.

PERSON #1: Hello everyone! We, the Youth Strategy Team, have exciting news we want to share with you!

PERSON #2: On Jan 13th, 2018, the NAD board approved a new section: NAD Youth Section (NADYS).

PERSON #3: NADYS is for those who are between the ages of 18 to 30. The purpose of NADYS is…

PERSON #4: to advocate for youth by empowering them,

PERSON #5: connecting them with opportunities,

PERSON #6: and having them thrive in the community.

PERSON #7: NADYS will have elections for officers in July, during the NAD conference. Register now because early bird rates are available until April 30th. Take advantage of the cheaper rate, go ahead and register now!

PERSON #8: We hope you are excited about this news. We’ll share more details soon!

Video fades to a soft white background with NADYS logo showing in center, black text below “NADYS / ADVOCATE. CONNECT. THRIVE.”

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