Emery Dean – Eliminating the Crab Theory!!

Emery Dean, an eleven years old boy, explains that Deaf community is similar to what crabs have been doing inside the bucket. Crabs fight each other instead of figuring out a way to get out of the bucket.

Emery notices there is a pattern in our Deaf community that we usually argue over things that we do not spare our time to listening what we have to say.

We need to relax and start finding time to listen what we have to say. We need to start giving each other respect. It’s important to understand each other’s culture, background, etc. because it’s the way to understand each other better. Once you understand someone well, you can make efficiently communicate with her/him.

If crabs learn how to work together, then they could have gotten out of the bucket by getting on each other’s back to cross the edge of the bucket.

I guess he made another valid point!

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