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1. Information Desk: A book that was helpful to you, for any reason
2. The Return Bin: What are two books you read and immediately wanted to return (because you disliked) or a recent DNF
3. Holds Section: Your most anticipated release, which you can’t wait to get your hands on?
4. Community Classes & Study Rooms: A book you loved that was a school assignment
5. Computers: A modern classic you love, or favorite sci-fi
6. DVD Rentals: Your most anticipated, or favorite in recent history, book-to-move or book-to-tv adaptation OR! a book that felt cinematic or a book you wish would be adapted into a movie or TV series
7. Library Book Store/Sale: A random book you picked up (w/o knowing anything about) and really enjoyed, or show off your fav bookish merch!
8. Teen/Youth Room: Favorite YA or favorite book you read as a kid. OR: A book you can’t wait to share with your future kids/nieces/nephews
9. Museum Tickets: A book that made you feel a bit more cultured upon completing it
10. Overdrive/Hoopla: An audio book you love
11. Request a Purchase: A lesser known book that you want more people to know about and read
12. Librarians: A character who loved helping others
13. Sanctuary: A book that is your safety net/is like home to you/helped you through a rough time

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