7 Reasons to Teach Your Infant Sign Language

There are a number of reasons why teaching your kids sign language is an excellent idea. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Learn to Communicate Sooner

No new parent can wait for their child to start talking. We all know that babies are capable of understanding far more than they are able to express. Teaching your infant sign language will equip them with the means of expressing themselves a lot sooner than waiting for them to learn to talk will. Receptive language skills refers to a child’s ability to understand language. This set of skills develops at a much faster rate than expressive language skills, which allow them to communicate with others.

Less Tantrums

In many cases, the reason that a toddler throws a tantrum is because they are unable to communicate their needs and wants. By equipping your toddler with the skills that they need to communicate when they have an issue, you will reduce the likelihood of tantrums and frustration in general. For many parents, this alone is enough reason to teach their child sign language.

It Might Increase Their Vocabulary Skills Later in Life

There is some evidence, although it is far from conclusive at this point, that children who learn sign language are more likely to develop better vocabulary skills later in life. When you are teaching your child sign language, you will also be sounding out the words as you sign them. Exposing your child to language is the key to helping them learn it. We now know that children are able to learn language in a way that adults can’t. It is believed that this also applies to sign language.


Our children can never be too prepared to take their first steps into the wider world. As parents, our job is to ensure that our children are prepared when the time comes for them to take charge of their own lives and wellbeing. Teaching your child sign language will equip them with a skill that could potentially be very useful one day, and which relatively few people possess.

For more advice on preparing your child, and preparedness is general, check out Momwithaprep.com.

Excellent Bonding Experience

Teaching your child anything, going on that journey with them, is always a wonderful bonding experience. In the case of sign language, they will end up with a new way of communicating with you that no one, or few other people, have. This makes learning sign language a unique way of bonding with your child.

Allow Them to Communicate with Deaf Children

Chances are, your children will encounter at least one deaf child during their education. Wouldn’t it be great if they were able to communicate with them? You don’t need to have a deaf child yourself to understand what a special and significant thing it could be for them to meet a hearing child who can communicate with them.

Have Fun with It

Learning sign language with your child should, above all else, be fun! Enjoy going through that process with them and at the end of it, know that you have helped to better your child in the short and long term.

So, don’t hesitate! Start teaching your child sign language today and plant the seeds of a bright future.

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