An Interpreter Should Be Provided Even You Have a Cochlear Implant at School

No matter what skills you have, whether its audio listening, visual listening, speak verbally or by signing… You are highly encouraged to get involved with the interpreters, socialize with the deaf and the Deaf community.

She was naturally good at reading lips, yet she struggled to understand what teacher speak at the mainstream school. She didn’t get what she needs at school. She realized how good lip-reader or how well you can hear doesn’t matter at all. It’s essential to have full accessibility including an interpreter to provide a comprehensive understanding of what is going on at school.

She feels it’s essential for everyone who receives a cochlear implant should at least get an interpreter or give the Deaf community a try by interacting them and using their Sign Language to see how you feel.

Today, she feels that she belongs to the Deaf community.
Maybe you are, again, the choice is yours.

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