Did you know that May is Mental Health Awareness Month? Be someone who talks about mental health and how important it is for yourself AND your community. 💚

Amanda Sortwell-Crane and Megan Erasmus of National Deaf Therapy emphasize the importance of your mental health, which is just as important as exercising or eating right. 💪

Want to start eTherapy or find a support group, contact National Deaf Therapy through our Deaf Ecosystem Directory.

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Transcript with Image Descriptions-

Megan, a woman with grey short-sleeved shirt outside with a wooden fence and trees in the background. Amanda signs “You are human”. Graphics of “YOU ARE HUMAN” shows up on the screen.

Megan: “Everyone is working on something – grief, confidence, goal planning, anxiety, depression, and so many more. They are all correlated to our mental health.

Image description – Amanda in black shirt on the left and Megan in a black shirt with her hands on her chin on the right against a brick wall background. Graphics show “THIS IS AMANDA AND MEGAN”. Next image shows a laptop with National Deaf Therapy website on it with plant behind it against a white background. Graphics show “CO-FOUNDERS OF NATIONAL DEAF THERAPY”. Next image shows a person signing interact to a video conferencing call with two people on a laptop. Graphics show “THERAPY MADE SIMPLE BY DEAF FOR DEAF”. Last image shows National Deaf Therapy logo in black font against a white background.

Megan: “You have human experiences. There are many things to explore, discover, process and grow from which you must maintain everyday.. It’s almost the same as maintaining your physical health everyday. The same with mental health which is maintained everyday.”

Image Description – A picture of person conferencing and doing therapy with another person through a smartphone. The graphics of “HOW DO I MAINTAIN MY MENTAL WELLNESS REGULARLY?”.

Amanda, a woman with long-sleeved grey shirt against a wooden fence and trees in the background: “How? Start with yourself. Having honest and open conversations with yourself and with your loved ones. Or see a therapist to vent. Or join a support circle who have the same challenges and share. Or keep a mental health journal to write down your thoughts, Or watch mental health-related videos on YouTube or Facebook to learn more. The most important part is to love and cherish yourself.”

Image Description – An image of laptop up-close with National Deaf Therapy website. Graphics of “IS IT THAT SIMPLE?” shows up on the screen.

Amanda: “No, not always. We have various obstacles, accessibility issues, and limited resources. Sometimes, the benefits of technology offer mental health service access online. That is an advantage. Also, technology is important to be able to connect with your family and friends for a better support system with your mental health wellness. There are ways to get there… The first step is asking for support.”

Image Description -Photo of Megan on the left and Amanda on the right laughing with lights in the background with graphics of “THE BEST PART IS…” show on the screen.

Amanda: “You are NOT alone. Really, what you’re going through is a part of the human experience.”

Image/Video Description: National Deaf Therapy logo pops up and video scrolls down to show Convo’s Deaf Ecosystem Directory on a phone. Then a finger presses the Ecosystem Maps to show the map of the US with different pins dropped. Then the finger presses the home button on the phone to show the Convo app icon. Phone slides out from the bottom of the screen and switches to a white background with the black text of “DEAF ECOSYSTEM IN YOUR POCKET”. Next image pops up is a green background with Convo logo in the middle with a smaller set of text: “Partnership with The Daily Moth logo” popping up in the bottom.

Credits –
All photo credits go to Lindsay Gale Photography.

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