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Hand lettering can make a world of a difference for adding that personal touch on signs, envelopes and cards for that special occasion.

Remy shows us how to get started with some basic hand lettering tips.

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Transcript with Image Descriptions-

Remy, a woman with yellow neck scarf and a navy shirt in front of a fireplace, holds up an envelope that reads “REMY GLOCK 123 DAMEN AVE CHICAGO, IL. 60647”. Remy signs “Cool!” and points at the envelope. Graphics of “WANT TO IMPROVE YOUR WRITING STYLE?” shows up on the screen. The graphics stay while Remy signs “Want to learn to write beautifully?”

Image Description – A series of photos showing a sample of different hand lettering work that Remy has done.

Image Description – A photo of Remy hand lettering ‘CHICAGO’ on a blackboard with graphics of “BASIC HAND LETTERING”.

Remy: “Hand lettering requires a lot of skill and practice with different tools and techniques.”

Image Description – A picture of Remy in a hat in the middle of working on a hand lettering project with graphics of “THIS IS REMY A DESIGNER AND LETTERER” Then Remy’s logo in black and white.

Remy: “Today, I will show you how to start with simple envelope address writing.”

Image Description – A short video clip of a different size and color envelopes against a green wooden table with Remy’s hands touch the color envelopes. Graphics show “FIRST, CHOOSE YOUR ENVELOPE SIZE”.

Remy: “Choose whatever size envelope.”

Image description – A short video clip of different tools like ruler, pencil and variety of markers. Graphics show “SECOND, DECIDE YOUR WRITING TOOL TO USE”.

Image description – A short video clip of Remy holding up different color markers.

Remy: “These are my favorites. I love these!” Then Remy grabs one marker and brings it to the camera.

Remy: ”They have nice contrast on paper from thick to thin lines.”

Image description – A short video clip of the different tools and Remy grabbing the teal marker. Graphics show “THIRD, DECIDE ON WRITING STYLE”.

Remy: “We have to decide on the writing style. It can be cursive or uppercase or lowercase or you can mix them up to keep different, interesting and fun. It’s up to you. I will show you the steps.”

Image description – A series of short video clips of the steps with the camera facing down on the green wooden table only showing her hands, the white envelope and tools. First, Remy has a ruler and places it on top of a white envelope with a pencil. She draws 4 light lines. Graphics show “SKETCH STRAIGHT LINES”. Second, Remy uses the teal marker to hand letter with various line thickness and some uppercase and lowercase. She writes, REMY GLOCK 123 DAMEN AVE CHICAGO, IL. 60647. Graphics show “WRITE FOCUSING ON THICK AND THIN LINES”. Third, she puts the cap back on her marker and signs WAIT with her hands. With the envelope still on the table. Graphics show “LET THE INK DRY”. Fourth, she grabs her eraser and erases the pencil lines. Graphics show “ERASE PENCIL LINES”. Then Remy grabs the finished envelope and brings it closer to the camera. Graphics sho “TA-DA!”

Remy: “Now go ahead and try it yourself!”

Image/Video Description: REMY hand lettered logo pops up and video scrolls down to show Convo’s Deaf Ecosystem Directory on a phone. Then a finger presses the Ecosystem Maps to show the map of the US with different pins dropped. Then the finger presses the home button on the phone to show the Convo app icon. Phone slides out from the bottom of the screen and switches to a white background with the black text of “DEAF ECOSYSTEM IN YOUR POCKET”. Next image pops up is a green background with Convo logo in the middle with a smaller set of text: “Partnership with The Daily Moth logo” popping up in the bottom.

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