Wait for It – American Sign Language (ASL) from Broadway Musical Hamilton

This video is an original American Sign Language translation of the song ‘Wait for It’ from the acclaimed Broadway musical HAMILTON.

The story takes place in the year 1776, at the rise of our American Revolution. The song is sung by the character Aaron Burr, a man who ends up killing the protagonist Alexander Hamilton with a gunshot wound in a duel.

To me, this is a very relevant song in our contemporary day and age, as we are experiencing an entirely new revolution regarding the rights of LGBTQI individuals, People of Color, both natural citizens and immigrants, and uncovering many years of racisim and terrorism that have been seething and writhing beneath our very own soil since our country’s inception.

Please let this song fill you with inspiration, love and excitement… Do not allow people to grind you down. If you see negativity, rise up and speak out. We, the people, cannot allow ourselves to be oppressed by those who believe it is their right to do so.

Always remember that you are inimitable and you are an original…and don’t forget to ‘Wait for It…’! 🙂

*This is an original ASL translation from Grandchild of Deaf Adults, Brandon Kazen-Maddox. I do not own the rights to this song and hereby relinquish all fiscal rights and responsibilities to the Original Broadway Cast of Hamilton.

Image description: A mixed-race Black American man wearing a red, blue and yellow plaid shirt and white and brown bracelet with black Brotherlocs and a beard signs the song ‘Wait for It’ from the Broadway Musical HAMILTON. He is positioned against a sunny background filled with green foliage, a tree and orange and yellow flowers freshly blooming.

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